Why should you line your drapes?

Drapery linings are not all the same

2/12/20242 min read

Custom Curtains Drapery French Pleated panels Trend Fabric custom hardware
Custom Curtains Drapery French Pleated panels Trend Fabric custom hardware

When it comes to fabricating curtains and drapes, one crucial step that should never be overlooked is lining. Lining serves multiple purposes that not only enhance the durability of your fabric but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your window treatments.

Protection from the Sun

One of the primary benefits of lining your curtains and drapes is the protection it offers against the sun's harmful rays. Direct sunlight can cause your fabric to fade and deteriorate over time. By adding a lining, you create an additional barrier that shields your fabric from the sun, preserving its color and quality for longer.

Weight and Structure

Another advantage of lining is that it adds weight to your finished drapery, giving them a more substantial and luxurious feel. Store-bought drapes often come with lightweight linings or no lining at all, resulting in curtains that appear flimsy and lack the desired structure. By incorporating a proper lining, you can achieve a custom look that simply cannot be replicated with off-the-shelf options.

Straight Hanging

Have you ever noticed how some drapes hang perfectly straight while others seem to bunch up or sag? The secret lies in the lining. A well-lined curtain or drape will hang straight and maintain its shape, creating a polished and tailored appearance. The added weight and structure provided by the lining prevent any unwanted folding or wrinkling, ensuring that your window treatments always look their best.

Customization and Versatility

Lining your curtains and drapes also offers a world of customization and versatility. Depending on your needs, you can choose from various lining options, such as blackout lining for maximum light control, thermal lining for insulation, or sheer lining for a soft and delicate look. These different linings allow you to adapt your window treatments to different rooms and purposes, providing both functionality and style.

In conclusion, lining your curtains and drapes is a crucial step in the fabrication process. It not only protects your fabric from the damaging effects of the sun but also adds weight and structure to your window treatments, creating a custom and polished look. By investing in proper lining, you can ensure that your curtains hang straight and maintain their shape, while also enjoying the flexibility of different lining options to suit your specific needs. So, the next time you're considering new curtains or drapes, don't forget the importance of lining!